Fake-id.com is an international fake id website delivering their services to countries across the globe. The website is not only dependable in the delivery of fake ids, but it is also secure, easy to navigate, and the most popular amongst fake id websites online. The website takes pride in offering convenient, fast, and quality fake id services. Fake-id.com has many customer feedback. Most are complimentary with the negatives, only referring to possible delays in the delivery process. Others highlight the site’s pros and cons.


  • Certified 256-bit SSL for the security of data transmission from clients to the site and back
  • More than one type of fake ids, including passports, national ids, press cards, and many more
  • Easy to navigate and use the website.
  • Several payment options with secure channels for privacy and confidentiality
  • Has a comprehensive center providing for every need the customer might have or request.


  • Too detailed website which can be confusing when navigating

Website layout

Fake-id.com is a layered site with many functionalities having a button to press. Clicking on the button offers you more details about the website to that specific section. For instance, on the main page is a ‘Create Your Id’ icon, which redirects you to the website shop allowing you to start with your id creation process.

When you scroll further down, you come across more information on the site services, including discount percentages provided. Many countries Fake-id.com, serve (147), quality of the final id design and customer feedback and reviews. The home page also indicates the cost for each fake id to be approximately $54 or €49 with a discount. The amount is for each id card, depending on the currency in use.

The specific highlights include major fake id features are as QR codes, free shipping process, and holograms. They display a quality fake id sample that is hard not to admire due to its quality. The website takes pride in their fake id creation process and thus highlight the most critical steps used.

The website has one of the most detailed blogs with articles advising new clients on which services to exploit and how to use fake ids. It is an important customer care strategy that allows every customer to trust the site. They seem to operate under the saying that information is power, and they are taking advantage of it to draw more clients.

However, to access all primary services, you need to log into the website and create an account. The account helps monitor your progress, that of your order, and in case of shipment, it helps track your package until it arrives. You can still use the account to make other orders when the need arises.

Ordering Process

The order process is slightly different in comparison to other online fake id websites. First, the site provides multiple faux id designs, including state, photo, student, and national id cards. You can also generate a press card, boaters, divers, and fishing licenses using Fake-id.com. All you need to do is select which type of fake id you want and proceed with the ordering process.

The main advantage is that all the different types of fake documents available on site are on the home page. With a simple click, you get a chance to edit your fake id according to your specifications. The essential details include your first and last names, nationality, expiry date for the phony id, and birth date and place.

The process is constant across the website countries. If you do not understand the English version, the website is available in many more different languages. These include French, German, Spanish, Italian and many more. However, the process does not stop there as you have to finish with the custom data entry, fill in the delivery process, check whether you get a discount and finally complete the payment.

Payment structure

Clients can make payments easily by following through with the order process. Once you have entered every pertinent detail, it is time to place the order by entering a payment method to use. The website offers more than one payment platform, including western union and several eWallets where applicable. You need to highlight your location and type of id you are applying for before selecting a payment platform. If paying cash, the website only accepts Euros in currency, and therefore, you will have to convert your money to the required amount before depositing.

The only catch is that the website offers no return policy after a contract is complete and you have made the payments. The main excuse is that an order is unique to each individual. There are no mistakes that can result from such an order and, thus, no return policy. However, you can download and store your invoice and receipt. There are no refunds once a transaction is complete; you cannot cancel and ask for a refund.

The prices for different products vary from one to the other. State ids will cost you approximately $215. However, if lucky enough to receive a discount, you will only need to pay around $49. If you order a student ID will cost you $269, similar to a photo id. A national id and a press card duplicate cost more at $322, while the licenses will come at $376.

The pricing mechanism is relatively high. However, product quality and features are worth the amount sought after by the website. The holograms and bar codes are quite realistic, and they can, providing your details similar to a real state id or school id.

Delivery Process

The delivery process is quite simple. However, the delivery period for your fake id depends on where in the world you are. Also, if the services provided by Fake-id.com reach that specific region in the world, Our tracking system follows the order number issued during your ordering process. If the number does not match the order, the website advises that you write an email with both order numbers.

An order only goes out after payment, but there are no shipping charges, which lifts the client’s burden. For clients living in Europe, the order only takes approximately 3 to 5 business days. If you are in Germany, where the website is, the order only takes 1 or 2 business days. However, if you in the diaspora, for instance, in the USA, the order takes one or two weeks or 7 to 14 working days.

After packaging, the package made of a plain envelop or bag undergoes shipping to its destination. There are no shipping costs when using this site. Fake-id.com sends a notification via email to the client, indicating the tracking number for their package, when it shipped, and the expected time to reach their address.

If you receive the wrong fake id or photo id, you need to write to Fake-id.com with the order number attached to the phony id. If it’s genuine, the site will redo the order and send the right document to you. However, if the mistake is on your side, you will have to undergo the extra costs and order another fake id as they offer no refunds.

Quality of ID cards

Fake ID, State ID, Drivers License

Quality is a priority request and need for many fake id users. First, they must appear as real as possible to earn you access to many places, including nightclubs, pharmacists, some stores in the mall or your workplace/ school and many more. Fake-id.com understands the stress attached to a lost id or being underage. You can access the website’s service and feel assured of their quality fake ids.

What makes these ids elements of a quality nature is the:

Holograms are not only secured but also layered to provide the right visual effect. Also, they add to the overall appearance of your id card. Every time you pick the fake id, differentiating from an original id is complicated and their quality status.

A scannable feature that passes the QR code scan or test, making the id almost as good as an original. Most of the services offered online only require the verification of your QR code to deliver on stated products or services. Thus, the scannable code allows you access to almost every service and product on the planet.

Customer Feedback

Fake-id.com is the most diverse platform available online providing fake ids. Its status as an international site goes above and beyond in reassuring clients on their quality of services. The site has feedback from every corner of the world, indicating a top-notch service provider.

The website takes the reviews provided to the site into consideration when improving the overall services offered. Even though most of the reviews are positive, with quality of ids and services offered topping the list, some are quite negative, with delivery delays. The order process can also be confusing due to the many details and home page information present for newbies.

We would suggest a more straightforward order process that eliminates the need to go through the entire website before deciding to order. It can be not very encouraging, and many clients may end quitting before they reach the end.

All in all, the website is quite cool, and the services are unrivaled.

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