It is one of the longest operating fake id website boasting more than 20 years in the market. Fakeid.co.uk is a trusted fake id website for young people living in Europe and the US. The website offers its services to major countries in Europe and all the states in the US.

Fakeid.co.uk provides top-notch fake ids with prominent security features allowing you to access too many restricted areas. You can use these fake ids as backups if you lose the original’s, or if underage, to gain access to a club and other entertainment areas such as a casino. Fakeid.co.uk makes sure that the quality and features match legal issue ids.


  • The website has proof of ownership, which goes a long way in assuring potential clients
  • The site has SSL security protecting client data and information
  • The site has a good reputation amongst its users and among young people since it’s been in operation for a more extended period than any other fake id website
  • There are ample reviews on-site, both positive and negative, attesting to the quality of customer services available


  • Delivery can take a while
  • Website functionality is limited to the United Kingdom

Website layout

Fakeid.co.uk is a simple website with minimal themes to keep the fake ids visible and standing out. The website lacks visual appeal, but the essential services are easy to identify and follow when navigating. From the home page, you discover that you can use different currencies for payment on the platform. You can order other cards, receive a discount depending on your order, receive more information on fake ids, and much more.

The home page also offers the website contact us icon, allowing new clients to reach the site’s customer relations team. You can also register and log in to gain access to the order forms, payment means available, and any other crucial data from the site.

The layout advises on all significant highlights when using Fakeid.co.uk. You can review the fake id you are about to purchase and make any necessary changes before submitting the order. The website emphasizes the quality of counterfeit id design available and significant types of fake ids you can access.

A new client can follow the website to the ordering process, which is its primary goal.

Ordering Process

Fakeid.co.uk follows a simple ordering process. All you need to do is create an account with Fakeid.co.uk. Use the report to log in and proceed to the ordering process.

Select the card that you want from the available range of fake id cards on their catalog. It will take you directly to the order form, and you can proceed to enter the remaining details. If ordering for a group, indicate that it is for a group. However, if calling one for you, select a single order.

Enter essential details to appear on your fake id card. If you find that ordering for a group is friendlier, then go back and select it. If not, enter your details and add a signature for the id. Make sure all the details are correct by reviewing the information a second time.

Upload your quality photo to Fakeid.co.uk. The site advises using a camera to get a high-resolution image. Using ample light against a colored wall also highlights your facial features. Take a passport-sized photo and if able, ensure the picture starts from your waist up.

Finally, enter your email and delivery addresses. These must be real for notifications and shipping of the fake ids after preparation. Be sure to enter the state or country, your names, and addresses. You can upgrade the card if the option is available, otherwise complete the order form by accepting the site terms and conditions. Please review the information on the card for mistakes, print out the form, and fill it manually.

Payment structure

Since Fakeid.co.uk is mainly used in the United Kingdom, filling the printout and mailing it is advisable. When shipping the completed form, you must include the payment in cash. You will receive a notification once the package arrives. Wait for the assigned period, and you will get your fake ids using the post office.

The amount you pay is dependent on the number of fake ids you are purchasing. If purchasing for a group, the more the number, the higher the discounts you receive. For instance, buying a single fake id card will cost you £30 for a premium card and £25 for a regular id. However, if purchasing for a group, you get a discount. For instance, purchase two cards, and you pay £35 for a premium card, and ten cards will only cost you £120 and so on.

The site prefers the use of cash as it is anonymous and difficult to track. However, you can also use cheques, postal, and money orders to complete the fake ID card transaction. If using a different currency, ensure to include a charge fee needed to complete the transaction. You can also use bitcoin as a mode of payment on Fakeid.co.uk.

Delivery Process

Fakeid.co.uk delivers to the same country and has little to do with other countries. Therefore, most orders to the site come from post offices around the country.

When it comes to efficiency, this is not the most efficient means of delivering fake ids. The post office can take longer than desirable, and the payments also take a while to verify. It means that the time taken for the delivery doubles. Plus, you can only track your order after Fakeid.co.uk receives it from the post office. This can take a long time, which is discouraging.

However, they indicate each payment verifications period to be anywhere from 2 days for cash payments to 10 days when using a cheque. Money orders only take three to six days to verify the order. The notification sent to your email indicates that the site has your order, and you can start tracking it.

Even with a slow tracking system, any inquiries sent to the site receive responses within a short period. It indicates that Fakeid.co.uk has one of the best customer relations team. You can check for your order, get a tracking number, or confirm the waiting period in a few hours. Any communications from Fakeid.co.uk follow the contact details presented in the order form.

Quality of ID cards

Fake ID UK | Fake ID Quality

First of all, you get over 40 different colors to choose from when designing your fake id card on Fakeid.co.uk. If you decide to get a national id, a European national identity card, or a driver’s license, you can pick different colors for each, depending on your country of origin. However, if you need them to look like real ids, you must match their colors with the national issue ids to pass as real.

The Fakeid.co.uk employs some of the latest printing and designing technologies to prepare top-notch fake ids. The materials they use are best that cut according to the original id design and match the material specification almost 100%.

Fakeid.co.uk integrates the id with ultraviolet light and the holograms providing it with the right ID card appearance. If you take a look, the id reflects light and has several layers similar to the real issue id. Fakeid.co.uk provides a detailed analysis of the card designs, the lamination process that ensures the best holographic layers, and prompt printing techniques that produce the best id card fonts.

To avoid possible mistakes upon delivery of the fake id, Fakeid.co.uk provides a preview of your fake id card. Once the order is complete, you have entered all the correct details and uploaded a photo. You can preview your id. You can review the information on it and make essential corrections before submitting and making the payment.

Customer Feedback

Fakeid.co.uk has the most positive reviews from all the customers we interviewed. Most highlight the design of the fake id and the materials in use. They claim that they haven’t seen quality designs since they started ordering fake ids for their high school years.

What contributes to the success of Fakeid.co.uk is the discount you receive when ordering for more than a single person. For instance, one person only has to pay £30 for one id with a duplicate, while many other sites ask for far much more. This amount translates to around 40 dollars, which is the cheapest amount that young people pay for a fake id.

The group choice is preferable, and many young people band together and exploit the advantage it offers. Therefore, it makes Fakeid.co.uk a popular option amongst people of the same age.

The only catch remains in the pricing structure. Many often ask if the price can indicate low quality, with many websites ranging their prices at $100 on average for a single fake id. However, whether you prefer the more expensive one to this one, the qualities are still the same.


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