How to Get a Fake ID

Getting a fake id follows a straightforward process you can complete in a few minutes. All you need to do is find a trusted online provider, place an order, make the right payments, enter a shipping address, and wait to deliver your fake id. The first four steps take a few minutes to complete, but the shipping process may take anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks.

Here is a step by step guide for getting a fake id.

Step 1: Identify a Reliable Online Provider

The internet is a fast source of fake identity cards. However, it is also the worst possible place due to fraudulent websites. A single website can cause the loss of millions of dollars from fake id orders in a single day. It can be disheartening but also emphasizes the need to find a reputable and reliable online provider.

You can do this by reviewing a website. The most important is examining the reliability of the website as an internet provider. Look for SSL certification and any other internet certificates a website requires for popular services. From this, you can identify a reliable source from a fraudulent one.

Evaluate the payment platform for a secure and refundable process. Do not go for options like bitcoin unless you are sure that the provider will deliver. It is difficult to track cash or bitcoin transactions, and getting a refund is impossible. Go for options like PayPal, Western Union, and others if available. You can petition for a refund if need be after placing an order.

Check the quality of reviews given by royal customers. Assess possible complaints clients might provide regarding the quality of service from a specific website. Also, you can review the available online templates to ensure the quality of fake IDs given. If advised by a friend or college, it is crucial to examine their ids before placing an order with a similar phony id website or provider.

Reliability is not all about the order and quality; it also refers to a flawless delivery system. If the provider sticks to the period given, a site must notify individuals before or in time. An online fake id website or provider must explore all options to deliver the stated quality of services and fake ids.

If sure of the website, you can now register and create an account. Proceed to place an order!

Step 2: Place an Order

Finding a trusted provider is the most challenging step when it comes to getting a fake id. Once that is complete and ready, you can now start your ordering process by signing up. For instance, you need to register with the IDGod fake id provider to gain entry to the site and place an order.

The ordering process starts with filling out an order form. On the form are simple requirements you need to fulfill and blank spaces you can use to enter the essential details required to make the fake id. Some of the points you should enter, include your potential fake id names, addresses, date of birth, state for which you are applying, hair and eye color, height, potential addresses, and much more. We advise entering realistic data as much as possible to help with remembrance when using the fake id. For instance, if your address is 1011 Marigold Community, Marigold Street, use 101 Gold Street. It is not only easy to remember but also almost realistic.

You need to take a quality photo that matches the fake id's potential quality and upload it. In most order forms, it is usually the final step to form the details needed. However, IDGod still requires you to enter a realistic signature to add to your fake id. The photo and fake id signature should be clear, have high resolution, and the picture should follow all specifications indicated on the order form.

Remember, a quality photo makes the rest of the fake id details appear clear and direct. It eliminates any unnatural id appearance giving you a chance to enjoy yourself at a restricted joint to people of your age. Please write it down on paper and san the page in preparation for the upload for the signature. Remember to ensure that you select a signature you can remember. Some joints ask for your signature, and if it does not match what you have on the fake id, then the security officers know it is a fake.

If placing a group order, most order forms have an 'Add Another' button allowing you to enter any other fake id details. You can do this for more than two people. Remember, the higher the number, the better the price discount you receive from the online provider. Once you complete this step, it is time to make the essential payments.

Step 3: Making Payments

Payments are crucial for individuals who desire to acquire a fake id. You need to find a convenient, secure, and anonymous payment platform to use. However, you have to ensure that you can track and get a refund if the buyer does not go through and does not get your fake id.

How to Get a Fake ID

Therefore, you have to assess the prices the fake id website offers for a single, double, or group order. You need to know if there is a chance for a discount and any other benefits of purchasing a fake id from that specific provider.

IDGod offers a fair price for a single fake id at $100. The order has an additional fake id duplicate upon delivery. A group order goes for $50 if ordering four and above individuals almost half the price for a single order. However, if you order two, you get to pay $60, which is still preferable to the $100 for a single individual.

Once you are sure of the prices, assess the available payment options. Select one that offers a convenient platform to help you make your payments. Plus, try and avoid any extra charges that may accompany your select payment means.

IDGod offers several payment platforms you can use. The most popular include debit and credit cards, PayPal if you prefer eWallets, GiftPay for those who like vouchers, mail cash, bitcoin and bitcoin cash for anonymity. All these follow the same rules as in any other store or online platform. Enter essential details, including the voucher or invoice from the fake id website. Confirm the transaction and get a receipt from the payment platform and the phony id website.

How to pay

If you are using a debit or credit card from Western Union, you can follow the following steps to complete the payment process. All the others follow a similar approach. However, each option does have a step by step guide.

  • Be sure to use the locator for the platform (Western Union)
  • Proceed to fill out the order form and submit it. Details regarding payment will pop-up at the end and after submission of the order.
  • Enter the payment details as given by the website to your select payment platform. Get the details and go to the nearest agent or bank. Pay using cash, which allows for anonymity and makes it harder to track the money as it leaves no trail.
  • Get the receipt and carefully store it in a place you can remember. You can pull the receipt as payment or order proof in case of delays or any other complaints. Always keep the receipt for two months or more for evidence.

Step 4: Shipping and Delivery Process

It is the last step towards getting you're a fake id. The shipping address is the only real or legal information you should give to a phony id website. It allows the website to know where to deliver the fake id upon completion.

Shipping processes are of two types. The fake id website can ship your fake id via express/ rush shipping or regular shipping. Rush shipping is the fastest and takes around a week after completing the fake id delivery order. However, it does cost more compared to standard shipping.

On the other hand, regular shipping lasts around two weeks. If details entered are not correct in case of delays such as correction, the delivery takes longer regardless of the type of shipping.

Fake id websites are popular with finding creative ways that deliver fake ids to you without the worry of confiscation when entering the country and during delivery. It can come in any parcel, including an envelope, a gift card and much more.

All remaining is to be on the lookout for that particular delivery for the fake id.


Fake ids are the new normal for many colleges, high school, and university students. The main reason for getting a fake id is it offers a chance at restricted activities. The above processes provide details on how to get a fake id. You need to identify the right provider, follow the steps to place an order, review the prices and make the correct payment, and finally, wait for the delivery company to bring the fake id to you! The process is quite simple and straightforward!

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