Reliability is a major factor when picking out a suitable fake id online website provider. The sites have to depend on your personal information, fake id details, and secure money transaction process while ensuring the site is easy to understand and use. Idgod ch considers all these and ensure quality fake id services, proper payment structure with a payment means of your choice, structured ordering process, and quality id designs and make. The website is a one-stop-shop for all things fake ids.


  • Top-notch fake id designs and state id copies that pass every fake id test
  • Secure platform with SSL encryptions for information and data security
  • Offers fair pricing and a reseller clause where the prices drop to almost half of the original price for a single id card.
  • Has a frequently asked section offering more details to potential users


  • Deliveries experience delays
  • Identifying the real idgod is difficult as there are more sites posturing as the real site
  • There is no specific location that the sites indicate as its residence

Website layout

Clients will find the arrangement of the IDGOD CH website to be simple and straightforward. Titles are easy to read and follow with a simple click. You can read through the home page of the website to understand what the site offers to clients. Novice clients can review the order process, check payment means and procedure, and review the prices before completing an order.

Perusing the site equips you with the essential information you need to order and have your fake id shipped within a short while. A quality selection of pictures showcases every state that the website provides fake ids to young people.

The layout provides a FAQs section with pertinent questions about the site and its services. However, the most catching in the instructional section on taking a quality fake id photo to match what the site is generating. The instructions ensure that the photo does not degrade the quality design of the whole fake id design.

Opening the main page of the site offers many directions to go. You can order, review prices, read on the payment procedure, peruse through the FAQs, read on the website, verify the shipping process and period taken and add your order to the cart before submitting it. In other words, the site is easy to understand, navigate, and completing an order will take less than a minute.

Ordering Process

Before you start on the order process, the website advises that you read on taking a quality photo. The website patrons emphasize the best resolution for your photo. A suggestion is to ensure you use a real camera to take the photo instead of your phone or iPad selfie mode. These become distorted when trying to upload them and vary in quality due to different camera resolutions or setups.

The website advises using a color wall as the back setup when taking the picture. Remember that the photo is a passport design and should be from the person’s waist. The hairstyle should be neat and does not cover your forehead or eyes. Remove your spectacles if you have any to be able to identify your eye color. Also, spectacles can change your facial dimensions.

Only upload the photo after completing the order form from the website. The order process requires you to fill out the selected fields indicating important data to generate the fake id. The data includes your surname, first and last names. Year, state and date of birth, height and weight, eye and hair color, and finally, your shipping address.

The address is optional as many individuals needing fake ids are young college students with no permanent addresses, you can leave the field blank, and the website will make-up an address on your behalf. You can now proceed to upload your photo and complete the order process.

If placing an order for two, three, four, or more than ten fake ids, you will need to specify the number. An order for more than ten fake ids falls into the reseller section, where the website offers almost half in a discount for their charges. When you highlight the number of fake ids you need, you can now check out the cart and proceed to the payment process.

Payment structure

Before you take up the payment structure and finding a convenient means to make the payments, it is prudent to review the offer prices. In comparison to other fake ids sites asking for around $90 for a single fake id, the IDGOD CH is a little expensive with their overall charges of $125 for a single to three fake ID cards for different individuals.

If you make an order for four fake ids to 8, you get a discount. You only have to pay around $75 for each id. However, you still get free shipping with express shipping lasting 5 to 7 days. But you can always ask for a reseller discount that allows you to only pay $60 ot $50 depending on your agreement with the IDGOD CH website.

A RESELLER DISCOUNT refers to a group rate offered to a client placing an order for fake group ids. The minimum number of ids you can request a reseller discount at IDGOD CH is 10. However, you have to send a request email to the website using their customer service email: orders Only then will you get all the discounts for a reseller by receiving the reduced rates.

Apart from the cool pricing structure and the reduced rates for group orders, you also get to choose a suitable payment platform that matches your needs. IDGOD CH provides several payment means with Western Union or MoneyGram taking the top position. The payment means offers a way to receive a refund by keeping the receipt for the invoice from IDGOD CH. Other convenient platforms include the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and you can always use your credit cards to deliver on payments.

The website advises using cash methods to make payments as they ensure anonymity and preserve payment details. The payment details remaining anonymous protects you as the customer and the site as a service provider.

Delivery Process

IDGOD CH boasts of a two weeks delivery waiting period. However, clients can ask for an express delivery that only lasts a week or five days. Since clients are often in a hurry when seeking fake id websites and their services, delivering on time is a major issue.

Under normal circumstances, the shipments from IDGOD CH are free. However, you may need to pay a little extra for the express shipping for earlier deliveries than the constant two weeks. Plus, you need to specify this information after completing the order process.

The shipment specification is only successful if there are no remaining details you should enter. Any omissions may delay the package from shipping out. Therefore, it is crucial to read through all the details you put into your order form, the payment structure ensuring you pay the right amount, place the right fake id numbers or group ids you need, and much more.

Once you check on all these, ensure you put the right shipping address for your fake ids. You can track the shipment using the dashboard on your order or email the customer services team. However, once the shipment is ready, you receive a notification with a tracking number allowing you to follow your fake ids.

Quality of ID cards

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Losing your legal id does present an individual with many challenges. Not having one limits your service and product access in different places. For instance, you cannot get into a bar or purchase any drug without the right subscription and an id. idgod ch presents a way to ensure you receive essential services while maintaining your lifestyle. Many youngsters no longer have to deal with the fear of missing out on these fake ids.

What is most attractive is the unique quality and design of the fake ids from IDGOD CH. These ids come with unique font colors matching the state ids and other legal ids like employment and student ids. The holograms are highly realistic, and the film is high-resolution, making the id more regal in appearance. IDGOD CH also equips their ids with the opacity marks for states whose ids have such marks, which is an added advantage.

These fake ids can scan, allowing you access to your favored sections as you await a legal id from the relevant authorities. In the meantime, you can still get what you want anytime using a fake id from IDGOD CH.

Customer Feedback

Every participant reiterated how wonderful it is to receive fake id services from The website offers quality fake ids with essential security features giving you access to many areas.

However, many still find it challenging to identify the scammers’ right idgod website spread out online. With the website, you are sure of quality services, quality id cards, and efficient delivery/ shipping. You can never go wrong with

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