Being a novice in the fake id industry can pose many challenges. Choosing the right vendor to place your order with can be risky and complicated. The main reason is that there are many apparent and emergent fake id websites offering fraudulent services without delivering on the promised benefits. However, with, you do not have to worry about security, fake ID card pricing, delivery, or order.


  • Verified quality fake ids online Id vendor
  • The website has an SSL certificate verifying it as a secure platform.
  • Clients can use the different payment means to order for services (trackable and offer refunds)
  • Want to remain anonymous? You can use cryptos to place your order and payments.
  • Has a range of positive reviews from loyal customers in different states in the country
  • The cool flow of information and instructions on the website


  • The site has no significant residence, and the owner is untraceable/ unknown
  • There are many sites posturing as IDGod. Finding the real one poses a considerable challenge
  • Delivery may take longer than the stated two weeks, which can be a bit disappointing

 Placing your order

It is the most important section for any quality fake id website or vendor. You will have to apply for a fake id by entering specific details on the fake id order form. Most catching about their order form is that it is instructive, making it for new clients or first-timers to follow.

The first instruction on the order form is to upload a digital photo. The website takes it a step further by advising using a colored wall, clothes to wear (dark), and a neat hairstyle. They remind whoever is taking the photo to make it a passport photo (waist up) and use a real camera for a quality picture. A quality picture translates to a quality fake id photo.

The photo must verify the information you enter into the order form. It includes the color of your eyes and type of hair, and any other crucial details. Any further essential details include your height, weight, and your home address for shipping purposes and records on the fake id, your full names, but the middle name is an optional field. Finally, enter where you want the fake id to represent (state).

The simplicity of this process is an advantage to the online vendor. A few minutes, whether a regular or a new client, you can have the forms filled, pictures taken and uploaded. However, similar to many other applications, make sure you review the details entered to eliminate any omissions or mistakes. A mistake can delay the id generation process resulting in delayed shipments and costing more than initially indicated if you do not cancel on time.


The pricing can endear a client to your website or send them far away. IDGod found the best way to attract more clients by offering a discount with each fake id order. To a customer, a discount of any form means they get to save money, which is more than enough to draw more clients.

IDGod offers pricing of $100 for a single order. However, in accompaniment to that single order is a duplicate of your fake id. You do not pay for the extra fake id, but to ensure you retain your id encase the other is lost, confiscated, or misplaced, you always have a backup.

For clients making an order for two or three persons, the price for each fake id from the vendor changes to $60. The discount is almost $40 less from a single person’s price and free duplicates to accompany each of the three fake ids. What a great offer!

Ordering for four or more people, experience the craziest discount of them all. Each of these ids will only cost you half of the amount for a single person, $50, and a duplicate will accompany each of the fake ids.

In addition to all these, the vendor asks for a custom signature from you during the ordering process. The fake id includes this custom signature making it appear like a real id. However, what is more, interesting is the free shipping.

Apart from the pricing for goods and services, experience convenient payment means for all your products. If you desire anonymity, you can use cryptos like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Mail Cash, or Zcash as they are private. However, all these methods present a risk in that if not happy with the products, you cannot seek a refund.

But, that is not a limiting factor. The vendor also offers credit and debit visa cards and PayPal payments. These are easier to track, and ask for a refund if you are not happy with the products you ask. If you cannot use cryptos and eWallets or cards are not your things, you can always use Gift Pay or Monero. The many options make it easier to pick one that works for you as a client. Besides, we have verified each process, and they all work and are available for use anytime.

Delivery Process

We couldn’t leave the vendor without assessing the so-called delivery process or shipment. Since you need to make immediate payments when placing the fake ID card vendor’s order to start processing, verifying the delivery process becomes a second priority.

The website states that delivery takes two weeks under normal circumstances. However, you can ask for express delivery with a one-week waiting period, but it may costs you more in shipment amount. In case of any information omission or corrections, you need to correct and order afresh, which causes a delay in the shipment process.

According to many clients on the sites, the waiting period is worth the final products. Some complain that the delay was for almost another two weeks, which means it took a month for the delivery. However, there are no complaints regarding the quality of the fake id card.

Most participants indicated their surprises upon receiving the final fake id in that it was unexpected. The packaging does not suggest that the inside contains a phony id as they are all well-hidden. The first delivery was some travel cards with post-it cards from different places addressed to the participant. The second was a box full of chopsticks wrapped as a gift with the fake ids wedged in between the sticks.

When ordering from a fake id, you do not have to worry about confidentiality and remaining anonymous.

Fake ID card features

IDGod - Fake ID Quality

Trust from clients is what builds the reputation for an online fake id vendor. For young people to trust IDgod, they must provide the best quality fake ids at a fair price and on time. The fake id website does offer reasonable prices for the ids, has a convenient payment platform and structure and the shipment process is efficient.

When you look at the fake ids, the front and the back appear similar to a real id. The idgod. ph equips these ids with top-notch holograms that mimic the real thing. They reflect light if you pick and angle them towards the light. The only catch is that they are not as smooth as legal ones but deliver the desired appearance.

Scannability is a significant element that clients look for in a fake id. states ids can scan and provide prompt information getting you access to any services or products you may need. A quality fake id website provides fake ids to scan and read your data and information.

Another unique feature is the quality of ID card printing materials. The UV light cover makes the id quite realistic. Anyone taking a look at the card from IDgod will want to order one with immediate haste. The materials in use are of the latest make, the website employs recent technologies, and the final output becomes one of the best in the fake id industry.

Ease of access

The website is easy to find and use. The instructions are clear and straightforward, from the ordering process, payments to the delivery process. You can track your fake id once it’s ready, packaged, and shipped until its delivery to your address. Plus, the website provides an email address where you can make any requests, track your shipment or confirm your order.

Customer Feedbacks

Customers take pride in the IDGOD PH fake ids as they are some of the best with flawless security features and quality materials in use. Every single participant in our review enumerates that the website has one of the best customer services team. Every single time you submit a request via their email, the response is almost immediate.

Fake ids are the perfect quality for use by young people. Some even pass for legal, ids allowing you to pass through restricted sections in your workplace or school. The quality of printing material, the holograms, UVI, and raised texts are the best in the industry.

However, the website does pose a challenge in identifying the real one due to the many phonies present online. You can always look at the extension as is the real fake id website.

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