What Is a Fake ID and Where to Buy a fakeID

What Is a Fake ID?

A fake id is an essential document for many young people around the world. A fake ID represents the original or regular authority identification cards we receive from the government or state. The fake ids allow you to access specific services only accessible using an official id. These activities include going to a bar for a drink before you are 21 or renting a vehicle for a college road trip. A fake id passes a scanning test verifying your details as a student or employee.

The legitimacy of a fake id

A fake id is a replica of the legal id. The id’s front is made to look and appear precisely like the government’s legitimate ids. You people are using fake id websites to gain access to these fake ids. You have to upload your essential details and a clear picture. They come with real barcodes that you can scan and pass through any security feature.

The id design and appearance around the edges mimic the legal ones. The fluorescent lights and reflection are the same. Trying to pick out from a fake today is becoming more and more difficult. The magnetic stripes on the fake id are making them far more comfortable to use and validate.

Fake id websites are employing more equipment producing complicated and very real fake ids. If you want a scannable id, you have to access one of these sites. It gives young people a chance to verify and validate their ages to access certain services restricted to people of their ages.

Fake ids are not identity theft.

Duplicating an id or generating one from afresh is not identity theft. The fake id contains details of the person carrying it. The only difference comes with the age since many who need fake ids are underage. They want to appear of age so they can access services or products such as beer. Others, such as graduates, want to appear younger to enjoy half prices on products just like students.

Fake ids are much more affordable than legal ids and arrive on time. Since they are real, it makes more sense to purchase one for use while awaiting a legal id’s issuance or to become of age to apply for one.

Even though fake ids play quite many roles and are easy to find, they won’t get you out of scrapes such as drunk driving. You have to use the fake id responsibly and know the law applies. If found using a fake id, you are committing an offense and can lead to time in juvenile and other correctional facilities if not of age. Otherwise, you may need to pay a fine or face a jail term.

Why people Buy fake ID 

There is nothing more important in a person’s life than celebrating one’s youth. As a young college student, there are many things that you lose contact with since you lack a legal id. Missing out is a huge fear amongst our youngest population and, thus, the need for fake ids. There are many reasons why people are getting fake ids. Here is a highlight for most dire reasons:

Getting access to a nightclub or bar

One of the most revered experiences for young people today is drinking alcohol in a bar with the grownups. Many people think that this is a childhood dream or a whim for some. However, studies indicate that students feel safer drinking in a club with bouncers and other adults safer.

Some local students indicate that taking alcohol in a fraternity house party or with your sorority girlfriends poses many dangers. In most cases, the drinks have drugs added to them, diminishing your ability to think and make decisions. People can take advantage of you when you have a spiked glass of beer.

Nightclubs have strict rules indicating admission to people over 18 or 21 years of age. Many people become first-year students at the tender age of sixteen and seventeen. It means they cannot attend parties with fellow schoolmates, nor can they enter a nightclub or bar. The fear of missing out on the latest news around campus drives many to seek fake id websites.

Replacement for lost legal identification

Sometimes, it is not the regrets that push a person to get a fake id later in life. It is losing your legal documents and having to wait for two to three months to receive replacements. Within this period, you lose access to primary services and products. Therefore, this indicates the need for a fake id card as you await the legal one.

A fake id boosts your confidence while driving home or to work. You can verify your identity and provide a personal backup. Not all the times are about losing the id. Sometimes it is about ensuring you have a backup for use if you forget or lose your legal ones.

Car rentals

Renting a vehicle has significant requirements, including age limits. You cannot rent a vehicle in many car rental dealerships if you are below the age of 23. In many instances, college students want to travel or road trips with friends. However, without a cool vehicle, going on a trip becomes difficult.

Having a driving license does not guarantee a chance at car rental from a dealership. Since you can get a license at 18 years of age, you will need to be 23 to rent a vehicle. However, you can use ou fake id to rent the vehicle. Call in your colleagues and have a road trip to Las Vegas for the weekend.

Our fake ids make the adventure a reality for many young people out there. Your dream of passing through the desert on a road trip can now become a reality.

Major discounts

Remember when you were in school and purchasing a whole burger for only half the price? You can still go back to that with a quality student’s fake id once you graduate, the world changes, and the prices for items and services skyrocket. The assumption is that you are now a working citizen and can afford to pay the correct amount, not half the amount.

What if you do not get a job immediately? Can you imagine the loans you are to pay with your small earnings? Why not purchase a fake student id and continue enjoying the half prices! Our ID card platform will offer the most original of all students’ ids to use in your ruse.

Many conditions can result in you purchasing a fake id. Not all of them are present in this section. However, if you find yourself needing to make a fake id purchase, you may want to contract our fake id website for the service. Complete your daily functions, enjoy having a fake id by visiting the nightclub, renting that car you have been missing, and never losing any of the fun involved in college life.

Where to Buy a fake ID

Fraud is a significant issue with many online platforms across the market. However, fraudulent services are more prevalent when trying to purchase a fake id. More students are purchasing fake ids from incompetent and fraudulent sites daily.

Knowing where to purchase your fake id is essential. You get to avoid many mistakes, such as a more extended time waiting for your fake id, losing your investment, and much more. Therefore, you should know the platform from which you purchase your fake id from online.

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a fake id from IDGod

Easy to order

A fake id Vendor like IDGod makes it easy for clients to register and make an order online. Within a few clicks of your mouse, you can register n IDGod and place your order. IDGod provides an easy to fill form indicating essential details about you, including facial features. The details highlight what’s most essential and what should appear on your fake id.

Varying payment platforms

Many platforms require privacy or confidentiality to remain anonymous when offering the fake id service and products. To ensure complete anonymity, the payment platforms have to be untraceable. However, they must be convenient for clients to use. The most applicable platforms include western union and Bitcoin.

Fast delivery

After an order, IDGod requires time to prepare and deliver the ID cards to the indicated addresses. The services take approximately two weeks, and if the request is via express services, you can have your fake id in a week. The delivery period remains constant unless you have corrections or make mistakes in the ordering process.

Mistakes might include the omission of information, late invoices and delivery of payments or wrong state orders, and more. However, once you correct the mistakes, IDGod verifies the information and delivers you a fake id a week from that day.

Quality fake ID

Ensure to review the fake id features to ensure quality and scannability. What makes a fake id from IDGod superior is that it incorporates all major security features in a legal id. The holograms and barcodes match and can pass through a scanner. If you need magnetic stripes and other features, we add them to match your request.

Quality customer support

Every super-platform offers superior customer care services. IDGod ensures you can track your id after shipment until delivery. They notify the platform whenever a new id card is on offer for use. If there are mistakes in your order, it becomes easier to seek clarifications or make the correction. Besides, their deliveries are always on time, ambiguous but useful nonetheless.

Why choose IDGod?

First of all, is the fact that the site is one of the best fake ID card websites! The website is responsive and user-friendly. Scrolling up down on the site is pretty simple, and the icons are easy to read and follow. Any details you might need about the site, including the type of id cards they offer, the price list, the list of states they offer their services to, and much more, are already available.

If you decide to place an order, the process follows an easy step by step process. The entries are easy to read, making input quite simple for young people. All you need is to place the mouse key and click to enter your information. Once that is complete, submit a current passport photo. There are no significant rules on the picture upload, only to make it the best to ensure a quality id.

IDGod takes pride in its superior security features. Your fake id will have the right holograms, quality bar codes, and any other security features you may need. Even with all these elements in your id card, the design is quite affordable. The price range is not that high, ensuring young people can afford and use fake ID cards.

Young people can age up to 23 years of age. The site does not provide fakes above 23 years. It means that as a first-year college student, you can get an id allowing you to party with friends and rent a vehicle. However, the site does advise matching your age limit closer to your real age to appear original. For instance, a 16-year-old can appear 18 or 19 but will not appear to be 23. The range is too far apart, making it appear suspicious.

IDGod offers a variety of payment options. All you have to do is select one that suits you and use it to make payments. Once the payment is complete, you can wait for your fake id and the delivery in two weeks.


Fake ids are gaining more popularity than ever expected. Young people are purchasing and using fake ids in large numbers. Also, online platforms providing fake ids are increasing with every passing minute. However, most of these are fraudulent. You need to know how to spot an acceptable fake id and the best quality fake id websites like IDGod available online. You can then place your order and wait for your id card. Once you get it, you can have a good time out with friends!


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